Katie Holmes Is Upset? I’m Upset

According to a source, OK! Magazine is reporting that Katie Holmes is upset about all the breakup rumors surrounding her marriage to Tom Cruise. “Her solution is to keep going about her life, business as usual. She’ll keep a smile on her face when she’s out in public with Tom and keep the hurt hidden at home.”

Wow. Those CO$ PR guys are getting really good. I just wish they could figure out a better way to spin a $100,000 birthday party for a kid who won’t even remember it. How can you possibly justify spending $100K on a party for a 2 year old? How do you manage to spend $100K? I know, I know, I saw what they bought, but seriously, do you think the kid would have minded if you had got an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins? No, she wouldn’t mind, because ice cream and cake are good and all she probably wanted to do was run around and play with all the balloons anyway. That is probably what made Suri happier than anything.

You know I gave the Whore a bunch of crap about whining about her Bentley, but at least she got something that will last longer than her relationship to Reggie Bush or her career for her money. What did Suri Cruise get? Nothing because she won’t remember it. It was $100,000 spent and gone to never come back. I don’t know if Tom did it because his d**k is small or he has to try and show off to the world. I hope he didn’t do just because Suri is Daddy’s little girl.

Lets go back and see how much he spent on the birthdays of Connor and Isabella when they were two. Exclusive of any vehicles he may have purchased, does anyone think that Tom Cruise has spent $100K combined on his two kids for all their birthdays combined? Yeah, but if he did it is probably really close. Oh, and to be clear I am combining both kids for all the years and seeing if you get $100K.

I’m surprised he has that much to spend. Movie career not going so well. Commissions are probably down at the church, what with all the negative publicity, but go ahead and spend $100K for your ego. Oh, and next time wear your tennis shoes first so you don’t look like the biggest dork to ever walk the planet.

Oh, and if the biggest dork is reading this, here is the link to the entire Jason Beghe interview.