Tori Spellings Show Set To Be Canceled

Even though there are only a couple of episodes remaining of her reality show, Lifetime executives want to cancel Tori Spelling’s new show now and try and get something solid in her times lot. Despite trying everything she can to get attention and publicity for her show including her Ebola like symptoms and quarantine in a hospital, no one is watching her show. This brief run of shows was her last hope in keeping some type of reality career going. There is nothing left for her to say or do. She has worn out her welcome and no one is particularly interested in watching her live her life or the things she doesn’t go through every day but wants you to think she does. She will make a decent living posing with products and making appearances that she won’t have to worry about putting food on the table and Dean can always keep doing his thing which also makes a decent amount of money. Even without the show, they probably make close to $1M a year, so no one is going to feel very sorry for them. 

Todays Blind Items – Kindness

While working on a movie with kids, this A list mostly movie actor who only gets to be A list when in his franchise or an action movie met with some families of special needs children. The families had been visiting the set and consisted of families mainly with children who have Down’s Syndrome. Our actor was so touched by the families he met that he visited one of the centers that was training teens to become productive adults and that had job training and how to live on your own and just preparing them to be adults with Down’s Syndrome. Over the past decade our actor has funneled millions of dollars towards the center through his own donations and those of cast members. he makes sure all of the families and attendees visit his sets and go to the premieres. He has basically been a one man provider of funding for two centers who would not be open with the kind of services they offer if not for our actor. At one point during the peak of the recession he was what was keeping them open. 

Teresa Giudice Spends $10K On Daughters Music Video

With millions in debt to repay and almost $500K in restitution owed, you would think Joe and Teresa Giudice would cut back the spending. Nope. Instead, the couple dropped $10K to pay for a share of the daughter’s music video which cost approximately $30K to shoot. That is a ton of money for a band that has yet to play and has never released a video. The song is a Britney Spears cover of Circus and the video is going to be released tomorrow. As with any Giudice escapade, her daughter is dressed in a leather corset because that is what all 13 year old girls wear, or at least what Teresa would have them wear. I think Teresa suffers from insecurity but she feels more secure when she is spending vast sums of money and making the world see that she still has plenty of money and that nothing bothers her. I hope for her sake that she reported she had that $10K to spend and that it didn’t suddenly turn up like all of her jewelry. 

Random Photos Part Seven

Jon Cryer as Duckie is always going to get the top spot.

Chad Kroeger got drunk solo and without his wedding ring last night,

Chloe Moretz filming her new movie.

Cynthia Nixon at the opening night of a new play which stars

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ewan McGregor.

Rosie O’Donnell and her wife were there.

Anna Wintour and her always by her side companion Michael Kors were there too.

Catherine Zeta Jones filming her new movie.

Arian Grande wears a costume to buy a costume.

Random Photos Part Six

Amber Heard and her dog make their way through the airport.

Harry Styles leaving a secret book signing that was not that secret.

Jennifer Connelly looks freaky but Paul Bettany looks good.

Jenna Dewan got invited to a panel discussion about acting. I know, I know.

Madonna and Alicia Keys hang out and should record together.

At the same party Madonna got hugged by Kanye West and his umm, friend which required Kim to stay on the opposite coast.

Padma Lakshmi was also there, but not hugged.

Speaking of Kim, here is Kim-lite, Naya Rivera in LA at a party with

her fellow co-stars Jenna Ushkowitz and Dianna Agron.